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Lynn wants Australia to

Chris Lynn only knows one way, so it was no surprise to hear him declare that the key to the rest of the Australian summer is to start “throwing the first blow” to “lead the game” against South Africa and India. , starting with the only T20 on the Gold Coast on Saturday night.

This is easier said than done, of course, with the performances of Australia so far characterized more by uncertainty and struggle rather than clearness of movement and clarity of thought. When Lynn was promoted to open in the decisive ODI in Hobart on Sunday, his attempt to “throw the first punch” resulted in an advantage and a duck in the hands of Dale Steyn.

“We did not go to the best starts in our batting unit,” said Lynn in Gold Coast. “I wish we could do that tomorrow night and I guess we were always just chasing the game instead of driving the game, so the first and most important thing is that we’re out throwing the first shot and putting them on the back leg, because then if Driving the game makes life much easier, not only as a batting team but also for your captain, for your bowlers.

“If we can start that momentum through this T20 series, I think the series of tests It will be crucial and quite “Challenging India, so if we can generate an early boost in the T20 format, build confidence and belief that we are still the best in the world, I think it will be huge and I hope we can start that tomorrow night” .

Despite the low scores in Perth and Hobart, and a missed opportunity in Adelaide, where he could not resist the temptation to continue attacking Kagiso Rabada after a quartet of punches at the border, Lynn stressed that he would not change his approach .

“I do not think he does Change to be honest,” he said. “I feel like I’m hitting the ball pretty well, the races have not been there, but just because you lose a couple of innings, you do not change your whole game plan, for me, it’s all about keeping your head still.” , hitting across the line of the ball and trying to do the best you can.

“In the T20 format of the game, you’ll leave some nights and other nights you’ll fail, that’s how it goes in the shortest format, hopefully tomorrow night I’ll continue on my way.” The first game was [nervous] just because it was my first game for Australia in a long time, but after the first 10 minutes, the nerves calmed down for me and it’s just a game no matter the format.

“It’s a white ball that falls on you, it rocks a little here and there, but I want to make sure I’m having fun, that’s the main thing. Certainly I’m doing it right now, even if the results have not done it. Every time you go out there, you want to contribute and do the best you can. I still feel like I have a lot to offer in international cricket, the dominoes are still not aligned, but I think it’s not far away. “

Regarding the challenge posed by South Africa, Lynn said that the quality of Steyn, Rabada and Lungi Ngidi in particular meant that he was learning a lot in a short space of time: South African captain Faf du Plessis has been frank in stating that the additional rhythm provided by Steyn and Rabada was the key to preventing Lynn from causing the kind of chaos that has inflicted regularly on his opponents in the BBL.

“Two of the best bowlers in the world, Dale Steyn and Rabada, and someone like Ngidi has not given us anything to hit so far and has played his role to the perfection, “said Lynn.” They also have a couple of classy spinners. That’s why it’s international cricket, there are no easy shots, no easy games, so I’m really enjoying that challenge.

“We do not have the results on the board and I do not personally have it, but I love every minute of it, you calculate very quickly who you are as a player and where you need to improve, it will take a little while to adjust, but the change room she is happy and we are working to the bottom “.

source:- espncricinfo.com

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