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Jack Leach hopes for fourth-innings dividends after tough day in field

Jack Leach admitted that England was disappointed to have conceded an advantage in the first innings to Sri Lanka on the second day in Kandy.

The last four windows of Sri Lanka added 171 races to give them a lead of 46 in the first innings. But while that is not insubstantial in what appears to be a relatively low scoring game, Leach hoped that bowling would last little in a dry window that could provide England with a key advantage.

However, if they want to take advantage of that advantage, Leach feels they need to hit well in their own second innings and then play with more discipline in Sri Lanka.

“We are a little disappointed that they have an advantage,” Leach said. “There was a time when we expected to have that advantage in our batting, but we felt good about the last bowling pitch in that window.”

“We feel that if we can press them with our batting, we get a good In total, then we feel that we can win the game. On entering the fourth inning, I wish the field was broken more. “

Despite the 3-for-70 figures, Leach accepted that he could have played better than he had in the first innings of Sri Lanka. [19659005] “I thought I could” I’ve put some more balls in the right areas, “he said. “In these windows you have to be very patient and always ask questions of the crowd, I feel I could have done a little better.”

“I liked seeing it turn, but sometimes you throw a lot of balls missing on the outside edge. Those balls look great, but they do not create an opportunity. Sometimes, I feel like it’s turning the ball around and maybe making one slide or just grab a little.

“With the hard ball [new] I felt like I was doing things a little faster, one would skate and another would spin and bite very aggressively, but as the ball grew, it slowed down and made it easier to hit He was constantly spinning, but you can still score runs.

“In the fourth inning, it will be even more crucial to be patient and give a meaning to each ball.”

Leach completed a memorable day by opening batting in the second innings. England and playing the last time as a night watchman.

“I have taken the place of Tres [Marcus Trescothick’s] at the top of the order,” he joked, referring to his teammate Somerset, who enjoyed a good race. as England’s starter. “I did not expect to open the batting. Joe Root asked me. I got scared when I put my things in and I turned around and said, “Who’s coming with me?”

“I knew I had to overcome again and again, it lasted as long as possible [to ensure there was not time for another one]I could hear the crowd cheering each ball, so I started to walk a bit.”

source:- espncricinfo.com

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