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Singapore crush Uganda; USA outlast Denmark to stay unbeaten

Crucial half-century of captain Chetan Suryawanshi and Manpreet Singh rescued Singapore from an early hole to take them to 204, which was easily defended in a great 63-race victory over Uganda.

Uganda won the pitch and sent to Singapore when Frank Nsubuga again put pressure on opposition bowling with the new ball, ending with figures of 2 by 16, including five maidens like Singapore. When Riazat Ali Shah hit the final ball of the Powerplay, the top three Singaporeans left with only 36 on the board.

But Suryawanshi kept things dominating a position of 56 races with Rezza Gavnavi, who blocked one end to make 10 of 53 balls, while Suryawanshi counterattacks from his side to finally finish with 57 of 61 balls, including four fours and three six. The average pace of Kenneth Waiswa and Deus Muhumuza finally claimed that both put Singapore back in a hole to 115 for 5 after 32.

However, Manpreet kept the strong with 59 of 79 balls. He anchored the rest of the innings, doing an excellent job of dragging the tail to the end, before he was the last man to beat the third window of Riazat.

Oman’s house of horrors continued for Roger Mukasa as he was the second of the three best hitters in Uganda to fall in search of a duck within the first five shots so his chase wobbles at 8 o’clock 3. Ronak Patel and Muhumuza fell in consecutive balls to finish the 11th and start the 12th when Uganda dropped to 21 for 5. The last recognized batter of Uganda, Dinesh Nakrani, fell on the 17th to make it 35 for 6. [19659002] Singapore was on the verge of a massive increase in the net race rate for the tournament playoff until Kenneth Waiswa showed some spin in the order, breaking 61 of 63 balls. But Riazat was the only one who offered him support with 16, since no one else crossed double figures. The new median pacemaker, Janak Prakash, returned for a late spell and dismissed Nsubuga by the eighth gate to claim his third of the day before leg kicker Anantha Krishna toppled the rest of the line with two more, while Uganda finally yielded to 141 in 42.

EE. UU And Denmark [19659002] The pair of Hayden Walsh Jr and Aaron Jones of Bajan took a hole of EE. UU From 87 to 5 with an association of 131 races that put him back on the road to victory in a tough fought against 16 victories over Denmark. The Danes continued with the tendency for teams to win the draw and lose the game, becoming the ninth team in ten games to do so in Division Three after sending to USA. UU

EE. UU He had a methodical start behind Jaskaran Malhotra and Montan Patel as Denmark opened up from both ends. The result was 42 point balls in the Powerplay and although EE. UU He reached 61 for 0 in 15 attempts, the pressure of the ball of points of the spinners of Denmark continued to increase until both starters opened.

Monank was paralyzed for 22 charges in Bashir Shah while Malhotra was knocked out by 39 two attempts after being returned by Steven Taylor in a ball pushed to aim. Three more windows fell in quick succession when the United States landslide reached 26 by 5 when Walsh Jr and Jones joined in 26th place.

The match was evenly balanced in the second drubbing with 134 for 5 in 37 shots before the pair took 70 of the next nine shots to spin the momentum to the United States. Walsh Jr finally dropped 57 shots with Jino Jojo on a short, thin leg to finish the position before Jones was cleared by a Jonas Henriksen yorker in the final ball of the 49th. Seven more races of the final was taken to the USA. to 230 for 8.

Denmark gave EE. UU A serious scare in the pursuit, reaching an insured of 46 by 0 at the end of the Power Game behind Taranjit Bharaj and Hamid Shah. But Timil Patel gave a double blow to start the 11th. The first of his four windows was a leg before Captain Hamid’s decision for 12 that looked like it was going down the leg.

There was a monumental blow to the next ball, although Timil had Freddie Klokker give Taylor a first googly ball. Klokker slipped into the game with 404 runs in six games against the USA. UU With an average of 101 including two unbeaten centuries and the highest batting nemesis in the US. UU He disappeared. USA UU He became a favorite again.

Bharaj and Abdul Hashmi fought hard with an association of 87 races to keep the United States sweating on the field on the hottest day of the tournament. He took the return of Timil to break the podium while Hashmi moved across the line and missed a leg before by 48. Bharaj seemed to go beyond the three figures, but fell on the next to Saurabh Netravalkar as a advantage. The speed of Denmark moved bravely before the direct hit of Ali Khan from the furthest limit in 49th position, which put the USA a little window of victory. With 17 to win the final, Ali secured the third ball match by inducing a skier outside of Jonas Henriksen to additional coverage.

source:- espncricinfo.com

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