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Roshen Silva innings shows Test mindset, says Dimuth Karunaratne

In a big-money toss like this, Roshen Silva has shown that he has what it takes to succeed. This was said by his teammate, Dimuth Karunaratne, whose 63 was second after the 85 deliveries of 174 deliveries that Roshen produced on day two, which pushed Sri Lanka 46 races beyond the total of 290 tickets from England.

Silva struggled through the difficult period after lunch, watching a test spell from leg kicker Adil Rashid, before settling into the rhythm of picking up runs in the gardens. Unlike other hitters, Silva did not sweep, but opted to score his runs through cutting, throwing, driving, as well as shaking his pads. Karunaratne backed up his strengths, he added, and opted for a method that worked for him, as he had done during last year’s test in Delhi, where he scored 74 points and did not help Sri Lanka save that game.

“Roshen is a good player” Back, and we saw that in Delhi, where he played well against Jadeja and Ashwin, “Karunaratne said.” He has one or two options and can use them as an advantage. In a turner like this, you can choose to rotate the strike, instead of looking for big shots.

“When Roshen beats and hits the strike, it’s hard for a bowler to do bowling in one place.” When Akila Dananjaya and Roshen were hitting, it was difficult for England to play bowling. a player like Roshen. “

The couple had played together as teenagers at St. Joseph’s College in Colombo, and Karunaratne added that Silva’s methods had not changed much since those days. “His success from school to now, and for him To have a good performance in domestic cricket, is because he has a good mentality, “he said.

Silva was especially impressive in association with the queue, which had rescued Sri Lanka from a precarious situation. Nos. 9, 10 and 11, formed associations with a value of 41, 56 and 28 respectively, placing Sri Lanka in a position of certain strength when it seemed likely that they would grant an important advantage in the first innings. England had to hit one over at the end of the day, and we went to the stumps unharmed.

“Getting a lead of 46 is a big advantage for us against his spinners when it comes to the fourth possibility,” Karunaratne said. “Tomorrow if we can get a couple of windows before they clear the deficit, we’ll be in a good position, so that’s our plan, we have to reduce their limit options and allow them to score just singles because they scored in four and six in the first innings, that’s what they did to overcome the turn. “They go for big shots, and we’re trying to play with their patience.”

Karunaratne’s own innings came to an end through exhaustion , with Ben Stokes jumping from the deck to throw the stumps at the end of the forwards, after Dhananjaya de Silva asked for a fast single, the two added 96 together and seemed well prepared for big innings, but that dismissal caused a mini-collapse that would cost Sri Lanka four windows for 38 races.

“At that time, I and Dhananjaya hit very well, and had no idea how to get a wicket. We did not want to give a window but it happened. Dhananjaya was approaching fifty, and I wanted to give her one, that’s why I ran. Next time we will study the gardener before taking that race. Ben Stokes has a strong arm, so we’ll be cautious. “

source:- espncricinfo.com

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