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Pogba and Sterling support my football dream, says Bolt

The great player of the United States, Usain Bolt, says that the stars of the Premier League, Paul Pogba and Raheem Sterling, have encouraged him to become a professional footballer.

Bolt, eight-time Olympic champion, assesses whether to abandon his career change after

The 32-year-old scored twice in a preseason test match, but is said to have got a first touch “like a trampoline “by the former international of the Republic of Ireland. Andy Keogh

Bolt returned the comment of the Perth Glory striker and revealed how he has been inspired by some high profile fans.

“People are going to say what they want, I’m used to this,” Bolt told Sky Sports.

“I used to do athletics, people used to think badly of me when I started and showed that they were wrong every year.

” Football is something I want. I’m sure [Keogh] is not at the level I had when it started, do you understand?

“I do not take it personally, I just laugh at these things because I met Patrick Vieira, I’ve met many great soccer players.”

“I’ve talked to Pogba and Sterling and they’re happy to see me try. They say, “Come on, you can do it.”

“They support me, so I’m not going to worry that some simple players will say some things about me because I have top-level players who know that this is a dream and what I want to do.”

Bolt, a fan of Manchester United, claims to have received “many offers from other clubs” after his separation from the Mariners.

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