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Lyon, NSW plan hot reception for Renshaw

If it was not quite the “end of some races”, Nathan Lyon made it clear that Matt Renshaw will race for Queensland in a test match trial against the bowling attack of Australia and New South Wales in Canberra starting of Saturday.

Along with Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood and Pat Cummins, Lyon will be presenting for the first time with Sheffield Shield from before the campaign at last summer’s home, in which the quartet stood out to recover the ashes of England at home before of the disastrous and now infamous tour of South Africa.

In addition to working in concert, the NSW attack will be determined to have Renshaw fight for each race in what is effectively his audition for a Test XI position to face India in December. Being left out of the team that faced Pakistan in the UAE due to lack of practice in the match after suffering a concussion while playing with the short leg, Renshaw can emulate the performance of Cameron Bancroft against Starc, Hazlewood, Lyon and Cummins in Hurstville this year, which had a great influence on his call.

“If Matt Renshaw comes out and plays well, against any opposition, but particularly against this opposition, I would dare to say it’s going to be quite important,” Lyon said in Canberra. “But by saying that, we’re not going to be easy with him, just because he’s one of our teammates and he’s trying to come back to the Test side, we’re not going to be easy with him.”

Australia Aaron Finch, captain of T20 believes that the adjustments made to adapt to the test cricket have affected his ability to score freely until now at white-ball games at home.Finch is preparing to face South Africa and India in four T20 games, although he is also optimistic about retaining his test position, and believes that Australia’s hitters pursued the limits too enthusiastically in the ODI series.

“In the UAE, my technique really adjusted. It is possible that these changes in technique have hurt me a little in the one day. I’m not that free, “said Finch. It is a technique more focused on keeping everything adjusted, straight and simple. Some changes are simple, but I think they give me the best opportunity in the longest format.

“We have to understand that we have a lot more time than we think, sometimes we can see ourselves seeing some results all over the world and seeing the scores of 350 and 380 quite regularly, and you think you have to be part of that, the reality is a little different from the way the game is played in Australia.

bigger, they are not terrains where you can stand and deliver, hit a pair of sixes and catch up and accelerate the speed of the race, so we need to use our intelligence a bit more and use a ground game and a tactile game. ”

“We have not played a game [Shield] together since the last Ashes Test, so we shoot all together again, it’s exciting, we hope we get out of here and have a very good performance, the four of us, and we really get that the combination and the associations work again, it will be vital before the first Test Match against India.

“It’s great to be out here and the bowling attack is going to be very excited. Let’s hope there’s something in it soon with the new ball, but if you’re good enough, you can score runs, and if you’re good enough, you can get a little bit of a rebound and a little spin as well. “

The tone in Manuka Oval has long been known as one of the most benign in Australia, highlighted by a high score, when the last Shield final was played there in Australia 2014. However, Lyon himself, former curator in Canberra and Adelaide He said there was hope that the surface would be livelier this season before an opening test match against Sri Lanka in February.

“I just spoke with [curator Brad van Dam] about the window and he said it’s going to be a good thing ng similar to the test window, “said Lyon.” There will be a bit more pace in the test terrain, he said, but it’s a great place to play cricket here and to experience a four-day game before a big game of try here in February “

Along with the most established names that will participate in the meeting will be many younger talents, none more announced than Jason Sangha and Jack Edwards. Lyon, who played only a handful of first-class matches for South Australia before being released to a Test debut in 2011, advised not to consider either of them as two serious competitors on the Pruebas team yet. Young guys in a big test series like this one, “said Lyon.” It’s very important for them to still learn their trade and learn their trade here at the Shield level. I am very impressed with Jack and Jason, but let’s see how they score hundreds of back to back and take some windows when the ball is in their hands.

“It’s important that we do not put too many young people on the international stage too soon, I think they could handle it, but for the best of their career they would be better off if they learn their trade here first.” It’s hard enough to learn your trade at the top of the tree , but when I say that I’m a big fan of Sangha and Jack, I’m in favor of them, but I do not think they should be considered yet. ”

Another match in this round will be Victoria’s encounter with Tasmania in Hobart, where starter Marcus Harris will hope to present his own claims for a test position. A monumental unbeaten 250 for Victoria against NSW pushed Harris to the forefront of many minds, having scored 1,514 runs at 42.05 in the past two domestic seasons after leaving Western Australia for Victoria.

When he made the move, Harris said goodbye with some curious comments from the then-trainer of the Warriors, Justin Langer, who referred to him as “mediocre with flashes of brilliance”, adding that “our system is not for everyone” . However, he has always maintained that his relationship with Langer remained strong and said he had been in touch by text message with the now coach and coach of Australia in recent weeks.

“We got along very well, we keep in touch regularly and when I was a WA coach, I always got it when [Victoria] played against them,” Harris said. “When you get a clip in the media when you leave, That may be the headline, but it certainly is not the case with our relationship, we get along very well.

“I think that if someone runs at this moment, their name appears there immediately. I guess if you put races on the board, that’s going to happen. It’s hard not to see it. I do not read everything, fragments are seen in social networks. Everyone’s name is being thrown there, so I try not to read too much. It is a little difficult. to avoid, but just take it as it is. “

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