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Joe Root pens letters of sympathy after fans are caught up in Kandy hotel fiasco

Spectators on the banks of the lawn in Pallekele © Associated Press


Joe Root has written to the spectators of England bothered by the reservation fiasco in the hotels of Kandy expressing his sympathy for his problem and his gratitude for your support.

About 100 supporters from England, some of whom had been booked and paid many months ago, were told a week before the second test that their rooms at the Earls Regency Hotel on the outskirts of the city were no longer available .

Due to a notable oversight, the reserves of the equipment and officers in the same hotel had not been confirmed. However, wishing to ensure that their accommodation was in a good quality hotel, reasonably close to the ground, the Sri Lankan government insisted that the supporters should be moved to accommodate those involved in the game. The only other option, they suggested, was to move the Test.

As a result, those supporters were relocated to hotels much further from the ground. Some anticipated trips of up to three hours round trip from Dambulla, although those times have been mitigated to some extent by police escorts. Viewers were also disappointed to be “compensated” with a source of fruit in their hotel rooms.

While the ECB and the England team are blameless for the debacle (such responsibilities fall on the board of accommodation), it is evident that they have been embarrassed by the inconvenience caused to supporters who have spent their vacations and money to watch them play.

So Root and his team met with around 100 of those affected in the garden during lunch on the second day of the test, posed with photos and delivered letters expressing their sympathy.

“As a test captain from England, I would like to thank him on behalf of the team and the ECB for their support here in Sri Lanka,” Root wrote.

“We all feel the loyalty, commitment and passion shown by you and our traveling supporters, which is unmatched in world cricket and should never be taken for granted.

“So, it has been a great disappointment to all of us that their plans for Kandy’s test match have been severely affected, since their accommodation has moved so far away from Earl’s Regency.

“He would have made his plans some time ago and was expecting an incredible experience, seeing this country and seeing the test cricket.

“It was a big surprise for us to hear about the issue of Sri Lanka Cricket reservations and the threat that the game itself was moving completely, I can assure you that the ECB has made its points clear.

“I also know how much our travel manager here and his colleagues at Lord & # 39; s have worked to find a solution and that, regardless of the additional agreement made by our hosts, this had an impact on you and caused difficulties to your trusted tour operators.

“As the leader of this group of players, I promise that we will do everything possible to give you a performance to remember and thank you for your part in this test match.

“Thank you also for your continued support, we hope to see you in the field.”

Each letter is signed by hand by Root.

The relationship between the players of England and their traveling supporters is genuinely warm. Each day of the outside tests, a group of supporters sing the Jerusalem anthem, often accompanied by Barmy’s army trumpeter, Billy Cooper, during the first play. It is usually recognized or applauded by the players.

Meanwhile, Barmy’s army has told its supporters to “not be idiots” after Galle’s test was interrupted twice by streakers.

“Entering the field is illegal,” Barmy’s army said in a tweet. “The stripes are considered an offense and an insult to the religious beliefs of the people of Sri Lanka, the criminals will be arrested, put in court and imprisoned. Do not be an idiot.”


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