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Australia’s ‘No Sledging’ Policy: Kohli happy to play “without altercation”

(Eds: With the comments of Ishant Sharma in Delhi on sledge)


Mumbai / New Delhi, November 15 (PTI) The Australian players have abstained lately from the sledge, which is perfectly fine with the Indian captain Virat Kohli, who is happy to compete “without any altercation” during the next series Down Under.


Australian cricket is going through a massive restructuring and the strategy of “win at all costs” used by the teams of yesteryear, is no longer encouraged. [19659002] Both Kohli and veteran Ishant Sharma felt that it is entirely up to the Australians how they play their cricket, but assured that their players will not be the first to enjoy any type of sled.


“I think that (without a sledge policy) is a very personal thing for them, but when it comes to participating in a discussion on the field or in a fight, as people want to call it with enthusiasm, I’ve been completely fine. playing without the altercation. “Kohli told mediapersons at the press conference before the game.


Kohli, once criticized for his overtly aggressive behavior, said he had passed that stage in his career and matured more as an individual.


“I am very happy within my own space, so on a personal level, I no longer find any need to go and find these things, I mean, I have enough faith in my abilities, I can play without a reason to cheer and those They are very immature things that I used to feel during the first days of my career, “said the captain.


As the leader of the national team, he already has too much. on his plate and can not afford to think about external matters of little or no consequence.


“Now, as team captain, you have no room for anything other than thinking about what the team wants all the time, so you do not find the need for these things at all and as you said they would not give it back to you,” said Kohli.


However, he recalled that his team never started with anything and only reacted to situations. [19659002] “We were always the ones who returned it, we were never the ones who started anything, so, as long as it does not start, we have no problem concentrating on our game and doing what we have to do.”


“We do not necessarily have to go find something. If they want to play in a certain way, we will correspond in that way. This is how the cricket game works, but at the same time, in our mind, we will have to keep it competitive and not let our energies drop. That will be our main focus. “The employer developed it.

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