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BCCI forced to reschedule matches due to unavailability of umpires

On the eve of the start of the Ranji Trophy, the state units received a letter from the BCCI asking them to adjust the logistics and travel arrangements of their teams in three different events due to the lack of availability of referees and match officials. those days.

At a press conference in August, convened to inform the media about the BCCI's readiness to stage the largest domestic season in India, Saba Karim, the general manager of cricket operations, had said that the BCCI was still recruiting more referees. Considering the increase in the number of matches this season, but also had promised that the quality of the staff would not be compromised.

With the newest teams entering the race according to the recommendations of the Lodha Committee, there are 37 teams in the Ranji Trophy. this season, compared to 28 last season – Karim said the BCCI was going to organize 900 matches per year to more than 2000. As of August 31, the BCCI still needed about 15 more referees and 12 reference matches. Not to mention more scorers and video analysts.

Karim told ESPNcricinfo that the BCCI had filled those vacancies, but for most of the season he did not find the correct permutations and combinations. "Once we remove the accessories, we ask referees and match officials for their availability," Karim said. "It so happened that the officers we have available do not meet the neutrality rating or they are not the correct qualification, we have enough referees and match officials to run the entire season now after these adjustments."

The third round and the qualifiers of the Cooch Behar Trophy and the four-day Under-19 competition have been delayed by almost a month each. The knockouts in the one-day women's tournament were postponed two days.

"In view of the lack of availability of arbitrators during the month of December 2018, the matches have been rescheduled according to the program shown below." Karim wrote in a letter to all the state units, the head offices, the CoA, the CEO and the BCCI CFO. "You are asked to make logistical arrangements accordingly."

source:- espncricinfo.com

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