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EA Cricket set for return with 2019 release

After discontinuing the game in 2007, EA is scanning the sub-continent for a potential return in two years. Despite the success of the cricket game series, EA Sports made a tough decision to stop the franchise due to lack of global appeal. EA Cricket sold more than 50 million copies in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Asia.

EA Cricket set for return with 2019 release

However, due to the growing demand for more competent FIFA series, EA was forced to concentrate on major sports games. The stalemate of the Indian Cricket Control Council (BCCI) on player rights has further aggravated developer brand expectations. Also, the introduction of the FIFA Street Series has exhausted resources for the EA Cricket franchise. However, Sportskeeda found that a multi-million dollar game distributor is aiming to return to the sport in 2019.

Our source is close to EA Sports. “Yes, the board is currently considering how to move forward with the cricket game, and after we conducted a market research and stopped production in 2007, we realized that over 15 million people were still playing games. We know that there are very few competitors in this market, but if the game comes out in 2019, our main goal is to gain ICC and BCCI rights to the player.

EA Sports FIFA 18 announce La Liga rating upgrades As the World Cup quickly approached, EA Sports’s FIFA 18 finally reached La Liga players with the evolution of the game and the rush of producers to offer the expected winter upgrades.

If you do not know
Recently, game makers have decided to retrofit their games every year to keep up with changes and updates in real-world sports. However, the fact that all of the attention was caught in this year’s update is that player statistics have not been downgraded.

The core of the problem
La Liga giants Barcelona, a team that has enjoyed a fantastic season so far, has dominated the winter updates. The recently signed Brazilian superstar Phillipe Coutinho scored 86-87, and Jordi Alba (85-87), Sergio Busquets (86-87) and Sergi Roberto (81-82) ‘s defensive trio were also upgraded.

RC Celta de Vigo center midfielder Maximiliano Gomez was the biggest beneficiary of Valencia CF’s Goncalo Guedes (74-79) and Geoffrey Kondogbia (76-80), who had a big gain point from 70 to 77 before. .

Barcelona goalkeeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen complements team-mate Paulinho with 85 to 87 points. Adletico Madrid are Filipe Luis (85-86), Koke (85-86), Saul (82-83) and Casemiro is the only player in Real Madrid (85-86).

What is your future plan?
Upgrading from the rating will add even more excitement to gameplay where more exciting combinations are provided.

eSports breaks into  big leagues more professional players

The popularity of eSports has grown dramatically over the last few years. While the 17-year-old Jay ‘sinatraa’Won in the Overwatch League is receiving a six-point salary, professional sports gamers are now seen as a valid career ambition for any game enthusiast. According to a new study from eSports Bets, we have announced the league with the most pros, so you can practice now or you can follow your new favorite player.

Play with the big boys.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the industry’s most profitable game, but it attracts the most pro gamers. The league has a total of 8,637 professional players, making it the largest eSports League in the world.

To my surprise, absolutely no one, Legends of Legends has the second-largest number of professional athletes with more than 5,000 League of Legends experts around the world. Not surprisingly, in all the most beloved leagues, LoL gets a big reputation or inspires a surprisingly new generation of gamers.

The original Counter-Strike also took third place, with an additional 2,630 players spending time and turning to full-time games. With the emergence of other Counter-Strike leagues in the Top 20, the Counter-Strike is a great option for anyone who is looking for a professional entry. The third most profitable eSport worldwide. It is a good choice for anyone who wants to be a pro.

The Overwatch League has changed the way eSports works, but it currently ranks fifth with 2,071 votes in the current report. However, the average age of professional athletes was the lowest, and I whispered a plan to show a new young face eSports.

A thing of a child
There are certainly eSports games that can support sportsmen, but there are games that are not popular or not funded. The Turbo Racing League has the fewest professional players in the world and only 16 players support it.

This is because of the myriad of monetization, the lack of investment in third-party games itself, and the lack of promotions that are essential to building a dedicated fan base for the next big thing. Other games are simply outmoded or generally seen by investors as ‘kids’ – Mario vs Capcom 3 is one of the five most popular games in the world, but the league is underinvestment. Serious competition is considered a sport.

One thing to be certain is that in order to keep up with the big boys of traditional sports, the eSports league needs to ensure their trust and attract millions of fans. Counter-Strike, LoL and Overwatch can do particularly well.

“It’s not a secret that India will be our main sales force, and this time we will have a player right if we bring the venture back into the market.” Our representatives have already met with BCCI members and see how the negotiations are going. “

This may include a narrative similar to ‘The Journey of EA Cricket set 2019
This extraordinary story is huge news for fans who are eagerly awaiting the release of the game. Brian Lara Cricket EA Cricket was the first version released in early 1996 and has dominated the cricket division for almost a decade.

Our source says, “This game is distinctly different from the previous version and will include narratives similar to The Journey, in which the new player will have a career in the country of his choice, including Big Bash, League (IPL) and so on.

“We are talking to all the parties that can help us get this right now. In our dealings with India, we have an office in Hyderabad that coordinates this issue. It is very important to get, and we will move on. EA does not want to repeat 2007. “

EA Sports CEO Andrew Wilson also confirmed that he wants to investigate and review the market forces of the sub-continent on the popularity of games.

EA Sports just More than games

Football is a popular sport in the world. The passion behind the sport is truly a game of the world. EA Sport ‘s FIFA” is not so different. For example, it’s not burdensome for many teens to start out as hangout games to solve old competition or party games. Professional sports. FIFA recreates real sports fantastically with e-sports players, million-dollar tournaments around the world, brands supporting the game, and the best football clubs contracted with large players. Equivalent to all actual sports.

The e Sports scene in India has been steadily rising, and the game is getting bigger with tremendous progress in the domestic and international arena due to its own domestic talent.

There is a major competition across India, where players compete for proud rights like celebrity status without competing for money. The e-sports athlete has become a worldwide celebrity. In the Indian subcontinent, the base year has passed, but the stand was lowered.

“Over Game”
Chant, hot moments and great performances, not just football, is what happened in FIFA. The player puts everything on the line to get up the ladder and start the eSports trip right away. Organizations based on eSports hope that enthusiastic young athletes will be able to provide the appropriate resources to get into the profession. this

The GamingMonk Championship Series offers a platform to compete for big prize and celebrity qualities. You can see the best games in this country and climb the ladder. It’s fun, it’s rewarding. Both industries, Offline & Online, are used together to provide a unique experience where the best of both divisions can be brought together to compete for the ultimate prize. It is not monetary but eSports is to make stars in the world.

Apart from the competition platform, it is an interaction for a soccer fanatic who has the same thought as a social encounter and pours these two sports. Gaming Monk brings the best FIFA players to the big stage by holding competitions in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chandigarh and Hyderabad. Cyber lovers have become idols for the upcoming game generation. Celebrities in the industry have succeeded in representing India in international FIFA events.

Best FIFA Gamers in India

Few countries have a world-class reputation, and Kartikeya Behl’s notorious victory in Thailand’s “Asian Football Gaming Championship, 17” was the first Indian to win international sport, a breakthrough in the whole community. event. Along with the Sudin Dinesh, Chennai legend “Headmaster” faces the best name on the international stage for ESWC, Paris’s India. Likewise, Nikhil Nair from Bangalore is ranked 8th on the CGF for Singapore and is one of the most promising players in the country.

The pros have already opened their eyes and the time has come for the young people to come and soon a dream face is not far away because of the new face to see a new face and the correct infrastructure that GamingMonk is actively working on.

Our sources finally added: “Andrew (Wilson) strongly believes that the governing body of the subcontinent should support the game, so we are currently trying to figure it out.” While fans may have to wait two years, the music will play in the ears of cricket lovers around the world once the game is released.

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