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EA Sports Cricket 2007 PC Game

Download EA Cricket 07 from here without paying anything for it. The EA Sports Cricket 2007 game is one of my favorite cricket games. I play this game of cricket all day and night.

EA Sports Cricket 2007 Download free PC game

EA Cricket 07 is a simulation game for PC developed by HB Studios and released on November 24, 2006. It offers a variety of tournament modes such as exhibition matches, national tours, circuit matches, etc. All this brings great fun to fans of cricket games. EA Sports Cricket The 2007 PC game was one of the most advanced cricket games of the time.

Features of EA Cricket 07

As I said before, ea cricket 2007 was one of the most advanced cricket game at the time released. They have new features such as TV overlay, car wheel, etc.

The batter’s AI is better than the previous version of the cricket game. There were new quality kits, the main menu was set up for EA Cricket 07.

Variety of tournaments like, Pura Cup, KFC Domestic, etc.

Free hit rule for foot kick

High quality stadiums

Player creation tool to create players.

Stadiums in EA Cricket 07

EA Cricket 07 contains a total of 36 stadiums. It has 7 Australian stadiums, 19 stadiums in England, 2 in South Africa and the stadium in New Zealand.

India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Antilles have only 1 stadium in cricket 07.

Game Modes

When you enter EA Cricket 2007 game modes, you will find three options . The first option is for international tournaments, the second is for national tournaments and the last one is for training networks.

Training networks

Training networks are a new feature in this cricket game that you can find in Game modes> Training networks.

With training you can master batting and bowling in the EA Sports Cricket 07. It will help you to master the game even with 5 stars.

While practicing as a bowler you can choose what type of batsman you are going to play and what type of bowler you will choose to play at the bowl. You can choose an out-of-game bowler, a leg runner, a fast bowler, etc.

While practicing as a hitter in EA Cricket 07 you can choose which type of bowler will play you. Not only this, you can also define their line and length in which they will play.

Commentary Overview

The commentary by EA Sports cricket 2007 was made by Richie Benaud and Tommy Wiseau. It was a great update of EA Sports in Cricket 07. The comment was very accurate and you will not find any error when playing this game.

Player Creation Tool Of Cricket 07

This is a powerful tool presented by EA in Cricket 07. With this tool you can create your own players. You can define your strength, weakness of bowling and hitting, etc.

Not only this, you can also choose which team you created the player for. You can also define the static for the players in EA Sports Cricket 2007. When you have finished editing your player, you can save it. And you can watch live play in action.

To enjoy all the features of the EA Sports Cricket 2007 PC game. Download it for free.

But before downloading this game of cricket. Just check if your PC meets the system requirements for EA Sports cricket 2007.

Download Cricket 07


File size

820 MB


Variety of tournaments

] Devices

Microsoft Windows, PS2


256 MB


Pentium ||| @ 1 GHz processor

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