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Play Cricket Defend The Wicket

Cricket Defends the wicket is a online cricket game created by MiniClip. It is really a simple game of cricket. And one of the most addicted games like Stick Cricket. You can play it using your mouse. The controls are simple.

Play Cricket Defender The Wicket

I want to play shots in this game. Simply place the mouse in the direction from left to right. This is the only instruction we can provide for you to play this.

Another thing you can do is make sure you synchronize the ball well to hit the big Sixes.

If the ball hits the yellow mark or wicket, you will be out. If the ball hits the red fence, you will get a six. And the ball hits the orange fence, you’ll get four.

Your score will be calculated by multiplying your races by the attack frequency.

Recently, an Android version of this game was released.

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